Orc Giantess

7:18 video

I'm stomping through the woods when I almost step on you -a hapless little pixie lost in the forest. My, aren't you puny? I laugh at how tiny you are. It would be so easy to squish you beneath my massive feet! I could just knock you over with a simple flick! Itty bitty pixies like you should be more careful wandering alone. I was on my way to join a raiding party, but I think I'll take a break to tease and taunt you! Maybe I could pick you up, and crush you between my big orc titties! Or maybe I could plop my fat ass right on top of you and feel you crunch beneath me! Or maybe I could just pick you up and use you like a dildo! It would be so much fun to feel you squirming inside my wet pussy! Or better yet, I am feeling a little hungry from my long journey. You're tiny, but you'd probably make a good meal still. I think I'm just going to devour you! In fact, I'm not going to waste anytime cooking you. I'm so hungry, I'm just going to eat you whole and raw! I pick you up and feel you quiver and shake with fear. Poor little pixie! Ending up as a meal for big, nasty orc! Mmmm... I like that you're afraid. Fear makes pixies taste even better!

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