Barbarian Queen Slob

7:34 video

After a successful raid I, the Barbarian Queen, address my my generals. I am finishing up my dinner of LE and wild boar. I devour the meat, heartily. Ripping it from the bone with my teeth. Then I pat my stomach and belch. Then as I raise my mug, I congratulate my men on their hard work. Then I knock back my and chug, letting out a symphony of belches after. I stand to address my men, showing my cuvry queen figure in my barbaric bikini. I pull out a wedgie to get comfortable, then scratch my buttcheek. We really could use some more comfortable seats.
I talk about how our next raid will be even more glorious, and that the gods will hear our mighty roar in the heavens. Then all of a sudden a loud fart echoes through the room. Everybody falls silent, as we stand in awkward silence.
I say: "Who dares break wind before their queen?" Everyone remains silent, then I smile and say, "Just kidding! It was me! And we all erupt in laughter.
"That wild boar always gets me! Listen!" I say, then let out another loud fart, followed by another.
 I go back to eating messily. Licking my fingers and wiping my mouth with the back of my hand.
Finally I decide to retire for the evening, so I dismiss my generals. But as I turn to exit, another small fart escapes my backside. I laugh it off and smile at my men. Promising not to have boar at the next meeting. Then I casually fan your butt as I return to my room.

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