Monkey Girl Transformation

12:33 video

I have to do this report on the behaviors of various ape species, and it's really fascinating! I kind of wonder what it would be like to live as an ape: Eating fruit all day, swinging from trees and just being free in the jungle. I'm so invested in my project I don't even realize the changes that already taking place. First my feet start to get hairy while I'm taking notes. I take a sip of my tea and my hands become hairy, as well. I pause in the middle of my research to scratch my head thoughtfully, and suddenly I notice what's happened. I start to panic! What is going on?! Then I feel a strange pain in my butt. I groan and rub my butt, then look on in horror as a long, fuzzy tail emerges from my behind! What?! Am I turning into an ape?! Oh no! Then my head begins to ache. My hair changes to a reddish brown and two big ape ears pop out on either side of my head. This is not what I meant when I wondered what it would be like to be an ape! I'm so upset that I start to cry and cover my face... and then become even more upset when I realize even my face has changed to look like an ape, too! Next I feel my legs getting a little wobbly and I tumble to the ground on all fours. I realize I can still stand, but being on all fours is a lot easier. I start to think about my predicament, occasionally making ape noises that I can't entirely control. Maybe being an ape isn't so bad -I'll be super strong and have lots of energy. Besides now I'll have something interesting to add to my project! As I sit back and peel a banana with my toes I start to think I might enjoy being an ape girl.

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