She-Hulk Transformation and Fuck

23:26 video

Modest and shy attorney, Jennifer Walters, has been working on your case for a while, but recently it's become too stressful. The lawyers on the opposing side are relentless, and the stress is causing some... unusual health problems for Jennifer. So she's going to have to drop your case and give it to someone else. You are furious! How dare she drop your case after all these months? Jennifer starts to get upset, and you notice her breathing heavily. She begs you to leave, but you refuse. She is doubled over in pain, gasping for air. You watch her as something strange begins to happen... her skin is slowly turning green! You watch it spread across her fingers, her legs, her arms, her face... Soon she is green all over! And surprisingly aggressive. Finally her hair turns green, as well and the transformation is complete! Timid Jennifer Walters has turned into the mighty She-Hulk! You're stunned by what you see. The creature before you is so strange, yet so sexy. She-Hulk is far more confident than Jennifer: lean, mean and incredibly horny. It doesn't take long for She-Hulk to over power and seduce you. She shows you her big green titties, and her tight pussy just before she rides your rock hard cock. You watch those titties bounce as she fucks you hard. Then she bends down and starts sucking her own pussy juices off your dick, before riding you reverse cowgirl. Her ass is so big, and beautiful. You're mesmerized as you watch it jiggle up and down on your cock. Finally she turns around one last time to fuck you harder than ever before. She-Hulk is ready to... SMASH! And you both explode into orgasm! As the waves of pleasure slowly fade, She-Hulk wipes the cum from your dick, and licks it off her fingertips. Finally sated, She-Hulk quickly transforms back into Jennifer. Feeling much less stressed, she decides to keep working on your case, after all.

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