Barbarian Queen Unaware Giantess

7:35 video

You've snuck into the chambers of the Barbarian Queen Giantess, just as she's waking up. You peek around her bed and watch her get ready for the day. You sneak around her huge feet trying to get a closer look. She almost steps on you, completely unaware of your presence. Better be more careful! You creep up the side of her vanity and watch her put on her make-up. She doesn't even notice you -she's too enthralled with her own reflection. Then she gets up to put on her clothes. You get a glimpse of her gigantic naked body with her enormous breasts and ass. Your eyes travel up her muscular thighs and back as she turns to finish up. You climb up the vanity again to observe. Apparently she's spilled some her face powder and turns to brush it off, and in doing so nearly knocks you off the vanity! She's almost finished getting ready for the day. Last thing she needs to do is make her bed. The beautiful giantess queen sets about pulling the sheets up and accidentally drops a pillow directly on top of you. Looks like you're stuck until she comes back. Just imagine what she'll do with a little pint-sized loser like you once she returns!

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