Beast Transformation

6:38 video

Kindly, but ambitious Dr. Hannah McCoy, troubled by her mutant identity, is working away in her lab trying to find a treatment for her mutation. She documents her process -all the victories and foibles- and after months of research she's finally found a cure! Dr. McCoy has created a serum that has the potential to eliminate the mutant gene for good! It's late at night, and all the staff have gone home and so, anxious to see if her cure is effective, Dr. McCoy decides to ingest the elixir herself! Within minutes, however, it seems that something is wrong. Dr. Hannah McCoy begins to cough, sputter and convulse as she falls to the floor. What transpires next feels like a nightmare as the good doctor's body begins to morph and shape into something monstrous. Blue fur sprouts all over her body, her arms and legs swell with muscles, long talon-like claws grow from her fingertips, and fangs burst through her gums. It seems the serum didn't eliminate the mutant gene -it advanced Dr. McCoy's mutation. She has now become a snarling and hideous Beast! She contemplates her new form, but soon the Beast within takes total control as she launches herself out of the laboratory into the night!

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