Toilet Transformation

11:35 video


You're my roommate and you have this weird habit of walking in on me when I'm in the bathroom. It's getting to be more than a little annoying and I'm starting to think you're doing it on purpose, you pervert! So I'm going to get my revenge: If you like looking at me on the toilet so much... maybe I'll just turn you into a toilet, yourself! With a snap of my fingers you find yourself shrunken, on the floor and with a big white plastic seat on your head. Oh no! You've really become a toilet! You beg me to change you back, but it's no use. I've made up my mind. I tell you how much better I like you this way. In fact, I'm going to make use of you right now! I relieve myself into your big, bowl mouth. You have no choice but to accept it. You gargle as your ability to speak is taken away. Just bubbling and flushing the way a toilet does. With another snap of my fingers I take away your human mind, leaving you as nothing more than a porcelian toilet whose only function is to clean up waste. I was originally thinking about changing you back once I'd had my fun, but you're far more useful to me this way. You're going to be a toilet forever!

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