Beastette and Rogue Hump

10:23 video

Beastette is in the den reading, as usual, when Rogue walks in and asks if she can talk to her about something. Rogue confides that her mutation makes intimacy a little challenging for her, but she has something she'd like to try. Knowing that Beastette is always up for an experiment, Rogue would like her help. Beastette suggests that maybe Storm would be a better candidate, but Rogue insists that it MUST be Beastette. Eventually she agrees, and to her surprise Rogue bends her over the couch and immediately begins dry humping her from behind. Beastette is a little shocked, but admits that the experience is not entirely unpleasant. Apparently this is a way that Rogue can achieve sexual gratification without having to touch someone with her bare skin. Once she gets the hang of it, Beastette decides she wants to return the favor, so her and Rogue take turns grinding against one another. Thrusting their hips and moaning loudly as their hips and asses bump. Finally they both achieve climax. Feeling satisfied they decide to make this a regular thing... Here's hoping they can keep it a secret in a school full of telepaths!

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