Workout Inflation TBT Clip

5:22 video

I just got back from a hard work out, and I'm anxious to try this new protein shake. It's supposed to make you get swole really fast! I take a long swig and then try to plan out the rest of my day. But after a few minutes, the shake starts working... well, sort of. It makes my breasts swell until they are absolutely huge! This isn't exactly what I meant by swole, but I'm fine with it. Soon my stomach starts rumbling. I must be hungry. But as I ponder what I want to have for lunch, another strange thing starts happening. My belly begins to swell until it's even bigger than my tits! What is happening?! All those months of exercising down the drain. I look so fat! But as I run my hands along my swollen belly I begin to think that maybe this isn't so bad. In fact, I think my huge belly and tits are kind of hot. Why am I spending so much time at the gym when I could have way more fun getting fat? I decide to have more of my protein shake. I wonder just how much bigger I can get? Maybe I'll get an even bigger ass too!

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