Werewolf JOI

8:52 video

You're a paranormal researcher and you're out late one night, scoping out an abandoned property. You've heard legends of a female werewolf that resides here waiting for unsuspecting victims. Hiding behind some bushes you spot her lurking about the property. But her keen senses alert her to your presence. You try to run but it's too late, she catches you all too quickly. She doesn't immediately attack you, though. She wants to know why you're here in the first place. But then she notices the bulge in your pants. Turns out you're not just here on investigative business. "Interesting... You're one of *those* guys, huh?" She asks. You have a werewolf fetish! You've always dreamed of fucking a REAL werewolf. This cute little lycan isn't interested in fucking you, but she'll throw you a bone. She'll let you whip out your cock for her and stroke it while she watches and teases you. You're so scare-roused you don't know what to do except comply. You unzip your fly and start to jack off with her encouragement. She dirty talks and shows off her fuzzy cleavage. Your cock is so hard watching her shake her furry butt and tail. You imagine what it would be like to slide your cock inside her little wolf pussy, grabbing her tail and pointed ears for leverage. She even howls for you, and it drives you wild! She unbuttons her shirt so you can see her full breasts. She looks so sexy with her curvy, fuzzy body. Finally you can't take it anymore and she gives you a countdown, howling loudly at the end! You cum hard, making a huge mess everywhere. I tell you that you'd best be leaving, however, just in case another werewolf comes along and isn't so... generous...

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