Being Diapered By Two Mommies JOI

8:43 video

Mommy Ami has her friend Maleka visiting her, so we need to make sure you don't have any accidents. We know that little guys like you can't hold their bladder very well. So the first thing we're going to do is take you out of your big boy pants and put you in a nice, crinkly diaper. We make sure your little bottom is all powdered too. We don't want any diaper rashes! It's a good thing we got that diaper on you so quick, because seconds after we sealed the tapes you confessed you need to pee-pee. Maleka and I encourage you to wet your diaper and you fill it pretty quick. But it's not time to change you just yet, so you'll have to sit in your soaking diaper for a little while. You don't mind, of course. In fact, you really like it -we can tell by the tiny bulge in your diaper. Well since you've been a good boy, Maleka and I are going to let you reach in your diaper and touch yourself until you make cummies. We give you jerk off instructions while you dip your hand into your pampers and play with your little wee-wee. You love the way the diaper crinkles when you stroke yourself, and you especially love how Mommy and Maleka are teasing your balls through your crinkly nappies. Finally you are getting close, so we give you a countdown and you make LOTS of cummies in your diaper. Then we put you down for a nap in your sopping wet, and very sticky, diaper.

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