Breast Expansion For Science!

6:30 video

Nyxon has stepped into the office of Dr. Mercury for an interesting new clinical trial, but is a little impatient while the doctor keeps her for observation. While she waits, however, something strange is happening. Nyxon doesn't notice at first, but her breasts are beginning to grow. The keep growing and growing until they are three times their original size! Is this a side effect of the medication?! Dr. Mercury is fascinated by what is happening. This could revolutionize science as we know it! Think of the benefits to both the medical and the beauty industry. Nyxon, however, is not so amused. She screams as her breasts just keep on growing. She gets up to leave but immediately falls to the floor. Her new breasts are just too heavy! And so enormous! She flops around on the floor, trying desperately to get up, but to no avail. Dr. Mercury excuses herself to get help, leaving Nyxon on the floor still flopping around with her heavy tits.

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